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Introduction of “ELEVEN” Watch Movement

1 Comment 02.03.2015

PM01MR watch movementAs I noticed a few months ago in a description on my YouTube video,
I finally finished my design of watch movement with codename “ELEVEN”. So now a little bit more about: this is a manual wound watch movement, essentially I can say it’s a “regulateur” – it means a movement with separate hour, minute and second hand. Advantage of this concept is relatively simple manufacturing and with a sufficient mechanism precision. This movement is designed and presented primarily because of a learning technology and technological processes in watchmaking, acquisition of skills (or to find delight) in precision mechanics and especially understanding the operation of the watch. It’s not my ambition to manufacture together with you the best and most beautiful watch movement in the world, but with your own personalisation you can make a beatiful machine.
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How a watch works

0 Comments 23.02.2014

ETA 6497-1If we want to get seriously involved in watchmaking and mainly in a watch movement design, construction and production, the most important thing is to understand the principle of its work. Just like with other things in life, the basis is to know how it works. If we can understand the principle of how things work, we would be able not only to repair any mechanism, but also to design a new or modify an existing one. This applies not only to the watch movement, but generally. If we can perfectly understand how something works we can design a steam engine or a rocket, build a milling machine or a lathe or to identify a failure in a combustion engine. Let’s explain how the watch movement works and get familiar with the terminology – names of individual parts of the mechanism. We will use the terms in the future, so it would be worth to remember them.
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