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Introduction of “ELEVEN” Watch Movement

1 Comment 02.03.2015

PM01MR watch movementAs I noticed a few months ago in a description on my YouTube video,
I finally finished my design of watch movement with codename “ELEVEN”. So now a little bit more about: this is a manual wound watch movement, essentially I can say it’s a “regulateur” – it means a movement with separate hour, minute and second hand. Advantage of this concept is relatively simple manufacturing and with a sufficient mechanism precision. This movement is designed and presented primarily because of a learning technology and technological processes in watchmaking, acquisition of skills (or to find delight) in precision mechanics and especially understanding the operation of the watch. It’s not my ambition to manufacture together with you the best and most beautiful watch movement in the world, but with your own personalisation you can make a beatiful machine.
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Z-axis tool setter for cnc mill

tool setterAt milling work, mainly 3D, it is required that the machine operator possesses information about the length of the tool in the whole course of processing, however, mainly at the tool replacement. When inserting the first tool in the spindle there will be two measurements done: metering the zero position of the work-piece (surface) and also the tool length (tool overhang). At the replacement or with any other tool inserted only the measurement using the tool length sensor will be done and the controlling program will adjust the height of the Z-axis from the measurement as if it was an equally long tool. For comparison measurement use the sensor attached to the machine’s table; the position must be preserved during the whole processing cycle. There are many ready-made solutions and producers of such sensors; however, I can show you how to make such sensor easily at home. The result is not only accurate (±0.02mm), but it is also produced for much less than the ready-made industrial solution.
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