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Part 1: Machining plató (bridge side)

6 Comments 19.03.2015

movement plató/baseplate (bridge side)In this first lesson we will produce watch plató. Plató (or plate, platine, baseplate etc.) is an essential part of watch movement – it is used as a base for all moveable parts. The material for the plató is used, in general, non-ferous and non-magnetic metal alloy: a copper alloy (some kind of yellow brass, silver brass like neusilber/pakfong) or precious metal (gold, silver, platinum) alloy. Now in the modern age some watchmakers or producers are also trying to use an artificial materials. Because we are all amateur watchmakers, we will go back to the roots and we use the standard material – a yellow brass that means “Copper-Zinc-Lead alloy” or “Leaded brass”. I choose a free-cutting brass CuZn36Pb3 (CW603N/C36000) but clock-brass CuZn39Pb2 (CW612N/C37700) is a good choice too.
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Prepare your screwdrivers

Old experienced craftsmen say that good and well prepared tools are half of the success at work. This is true even for a screwdrivers – properly sharpened screwdriver with correct shape prevent damage or destruction of head of the screw, possibly parts or material around. Thanks to this guy from AWCI (The American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute) we finally know how to do it. Very informative video…