Making of dial indexes – first pictures

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Dial indexesFor visual dividing of hour segments on the watch dial and thus more readable numerals are used small parts, so-called indices or indexes. They are made in different shapes and came from different materials like steel, gold or brass. Some manufacturers using own specific shapes as a sign of identification for their products. Since I want to produce almost all watch parts myself, I had to solve this hard job too. Potentially you can buy indices as a ready-made product from factory, but finally I decided to manufacture them. For my need I chose a round shaped indices with color filled center. By the way, buying a ready-made indices or simply find a producer or factory seems to be a very big problem, because I could not find anyone worldwide. So, if you do not want to manufacture these parts ourselves, the easiest way is to buy a complete watch dial as a spare part and use indices only.

Below I attach some pictures of almost done indices which still needs some final operations – cleaning, buffing and mirror polishing. For information, overall dimensions is 2.0 mm outher diameter, 1.5 mm inner diameter (center which is filled with color) and height is 0.75 mm. Working procedure and step-by-step instructions with lots of image and video I will show you in the next part.

Many thanks to my friend photographer Marek Zvara for that pictures.

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