Introduction of “ELEVEN” Watch Movement

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PM01MR watch movementAs I noticed a few months ago in a description on my YouTube video,
I finally finished my design of watch movement with codename “ELEVEN”. So now a little bit more about: this is a manual wound watch movement, essentially I can say it’s a “regulateur” – it means a movement with separate hour, minute and second hand. Advantage of this concept is relatively simple manufacturing and with a sufficient mechanism precision. This movement is designed and presented primarily because of a learning technology and technological processes in watchmaking, acquisition of skills (or to find delight) in precision mechanics and especially understanding the operation of the watch. It’s not my ambition to manufacture together with you the best and most beautiful watch movement in the world, but with your own personalisation you can make a beatiful machine.

All the procedures below described apply to my work on my own CNC mill, lathe and other machines. Different working procedures may be required in your specific case. The text, diagrams and the video are provided as a simple tutorial only. It is expected that you know what you do and the way you do it. Anything you do is your own responsibility; I shall not be liable for any losses occured by your work to you or other persons and/or on property.

Here you can see a watch movement from bottom side:
PM01MR watch movement - back side
Certainly you have noticed that in the drawing there is missing a winding mechanism (on the right side). The reason is simple: I believe that my concept is so innovative that I think about patenting. But don’t worry, watch movement is complete and I will explain you this part later.

Basic features of the watch movement:

  • Overall diameter: 36.0 mm (16 ligne), height 6.1 mm
  • Power reserve: 40 hours
  • Winding stem at 10:00, setting stem at 2:00
  • 22 jewels
  • 14.400 BPM (possibility to discuss)
  • Overall 107 parts, all we made by hand (except main spring, balance spring and jewels)

And here is the watch movement from the front (dial) side:
PM01MR watch movement - front side
Dial side is clear, without visible parts like a setting lever, joke and wheels. This “clear design” offers a various options for modification a dial side like a engraving, skeletonizing etc. without disturbing components.

I will publish each components of the watch movement gradually. I will provide a 3D model and 2D drawings to each part (3D model will be in *.stl format and 2D drawings as *.dwg – but we can discuss about it). Also I will endeavour make a video about making of each part, where I describe detailed working practices, used machines and tools.

Any errors that occur in the design, gradually I will fix. A goal is that we had at the end of a working, functional and pretty watches. Yes, whole watches, because we will made it completely – movement, case and bracelet.

So I finally hope to find a few people with whom we jointly produce this watches. Especially for fun…

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